UTR is a young company established in 2002, dedicated to the applications of recycled rubber, tires and rubber products.
The company has experience , through its founding members Lawrence Culliford, Marcel Brigger and several consultants, in various sectors of industry including pyrolisis, cryogenic processes, ambient regrind techniques and reformulations of TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomers ).
Lawrence Culliford holds a Bachelor degree in Engineering as is current President of UTR.
Marcel Brigger holds a maser degree in graphic arts, and is current Vice-President of UTR.

UTR`s mission is to develop markets in recycling techniques to help change the status quo on used tires around the world; to turn a waste stream into a viable recycling commodity, introducing new and better ways to clean-up the tire dumps, industrial rubber waste and produce environmentally friendly process and products for years to come.

UTR`s ability to integrate solutions and technologies from various streams and techniques will ensure business continuity and growth of the company.

UTR: helping to solve your recycling dilemma.

Rubbertec AG
Rubbertec was established in September 2004 with the goal of achieving a leading market position in the innovative materials technology sector within the material recycling of scrap rubber.

We have entered a rapidly expanding, future-oriented market with a team of specialists and strategic partners who are familiar with the specific market conditions due to their many years of experience in this sector. All of our employees therefore have to be able to carry out their duties and to focus their attention in a keenly entrepreneurial way.


Values and attributes of particular importance to Rubbertec are the pioneering of high-tech solutions to the highest levels of quality, achieving advances through using the latest technology and science, and facilitating the practical and straightforward use of the new material technologies.

With innovative products, attractive services and a dedicated, competent and reliable team of employees, over the coming years we intend to build up a firm capable of generating sustainable values for Rubbertec customers, partners and share holders, as well as making a considerable contribution to the environment.

Business objectives

The objective of this company is the development, production and marketing of new raw materials, other materials and

finished products, through the
material recycling of scrap rubber. Our innovative solutions focus on parts-substitution in existing products that are composed of differing parts. This shall result in significant advantages in terms of quality, as well as in terms of economy and ecological concerns.

Rubbertec is currently focusing on a few strategic fields within the car, construction, plastics and rubber recycling industries. Over the coming years, the innovative material technologies developed by us and our partners will become increasingly important.


Rubber-modified asphalt

The kind of rubber asphalt technology commonly referred to as the CTS procedure, (now tried, tested and very well known in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for many years), is now going to be available to markets across the whole of Europe under the trading name “TecRoad”. This is due to a new, innovative manufacturing method which facilitates the addition of pre packaged, bag-packaged rubber asphalt granules on the asphalt mixing plant. Research and development, acquiring the accepted product certification in key markets, many years of practical experience, and the known and economically proven advantages of our products compared to polymer bitumen and other road surfacing materials: all of these factors form the basis for the rapid expansion of our business and the attainment of a leading position in the market.



Storage Tank

Compounds and TPE (Thermoplastic elastomer) made from buffing dust.

The second strategic area in which Rubbertec is operational is in the construction of a compounding plant for TPEs made from recycled rubber aggregate, commonly known as buffing dust. Due to the new EU environmental regulations, which include the compulsory use of

recycled materials and components in the car industry for example, an enormous market potential for our substitution products has resulted. These products will be able to replace expensive original TPEs and other polymer based materials, to facilitate large scale cost savings as well as providing ecological advantages. In this future-oriented market, Rubbertec, together with their strategic partners such as FARU of Dresden, enjoy a decisive technical edge. This is due to our patented manufacturing processes, many years of scientific research, the practical application and use of our products, as well as access to key industries.

Transportation pallets with new material technology made from recycled buffing dust.

The third strategic area in which Rubbertec is working towards the goal of a market leading position is the development, production and international marketing

of a patented transportation and

industrial pallet that is based upon
our own know-how within compound and TPE materials technology.

Big advantages in comparison with plastic, aluminium and wooden pallets present us with the opportunity to provide more modern, superior and sustainable solutions for the transport and logistics businesses.

The European preparations concerning product marketing, certification and manufacturing are already in full swing. The results of market research in the relevant market areas promise a very bright future. The economic, ecological and logistical advantages are very convincing, adding further support to the Rubbertec business strategy and philosophy.

Finished product packaged in 10/15 KG units


Rubbertec production plant